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Thurman Thomas Supports NuNee

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Thurman Thomas, is no stranger to knee pain. Throughout his career, Thurman wore a special brace made of stealth bomber material because of a knee injury he sustained in college while playing pickup basketball. Today, Thurman no longer uses the graphite composite brace. He does, however, use the NuNee device to help him stay in shape.

“My playing days are over, but I still enjoy exercising and staying fit. NuNee helps me remain active without having to worry about my knee pain. I was so impressed using NuNee, I decided to invest in the business.”

Thurman’s partnership in NuNee was warmly welcomed, as the inventor of NuNee, Mike Emmerling, is a native Buffalonian that enjoyed cheering on Thurman Thomas and the Bills throughout their glory days. The partnership also proved to be a testimonial to the products effectiveness, coming as a direct result of the athlete using the device to solve a major problem in his life.

Today, NuNee is helping athletes from Florida to Alaska remain active. Runners are running again, jumpers are jumping again, and people of all ages and abilities have been able to resume activities they enjoy without knee pain.