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NuNee Training Kit v2.0
Brandon Gittelman
Saved my A race

After almost 9 months of training, I started to have knee pain a month before my A race, the Leadville 100 trail run. A month of PT didn't seem to be improving my condition, so as a Hail Mary, I ordered NuNee based off of a random Reddit post I found. Receiving the knee brace the day before the race, I didn't know what to expect. I'm happy to report that the brace worked for all 27:48 it took for me to complete the 100 mile race with only minor issues. The endurance patch stayed in place the entire time and pretty much made it so I didn't feel any knee pain during the race.

My only suggestion would be to release a version without the magnets and just velcro. I inadvertently broke one mid-race and was lucky to have the spare in my pack. If the magnet on the grey brace itself is the one that broke, it would have been useless.

Congratulations Brandon!!! Completing the Leadville 100 is an amazing achievement and we are honored that you credit NuNee for helping you get to the finish. And thank you for your feedback on the magnet feature. NuNee v1.0 did not include a magnet and was designed as you suggested. Perhaps we should bring it back by popular demand. That said, the magnet allows NuNee to be used with long pants and tights, which is a feature that many of our female runners really appreciate.

Congrats once again!!!

Much Needed Relief

This is a very unique product that gives relief to the knee. I had been struggling with rehabbing my knee to get back into running from Patellofemoral pain syndrome and within three weeks of wearing this product while exercising, I haven't had any more flare ups. Even after wearing NuNee I haven't had anymore flair ups. I would recommend this product to other athletes and runners who have the same condition as it really did help giving relief and had me back to 100% in no time.

So happy to hear that NuNee has helped you return to sport and allowed you to focus on training and fitness rather than pain. We wish you all the best. Stay active and healthy Patrick!

excellent customer service

I have just started using the NuNee but the early results are promising. I've been able to walk/jog for the first time in months. I appreciate that the initial kit includes numerous replacement patches and two replacement magnets. When I had a question, customer service replied quickly and generously with a fix. That tells me that the company truly aims to help its customers vs. gouging for proprietary supplies. I don't write many reviews but I feel good about supporting a company with new ideas and heart.

Thank you so much for this thoughtful review. Often times, our customers have struggled for months, even years, with chronic anterior pain. Our ultimate goal is to provide pain relief along with the best possible customer experience.

Physical Therapy Approved

Have used this with several patients on a trial basis and all have recognized a difference in how the knee feels from the first session of wearing during their exercises.

Thank you so much for this great review. It's great to hear that you're having success using NuNee to augment your exercise therapy plan with patients. We're here to 'support' your plan for your patients.

NuNee Training Kit v2.0
Michael Miranda
Nunee has improved my life

I was in an accident with a severe trauma to my left knee. The healing process took almost two years and left me with patellofemoral pain syndrome which made it painful to walk at an incline, use the stairs, walk fast, squat, or otherwise stress my knee. I then started physical therapy to start recouping my knee movement but I saw very little improvement. I live in a hilly city so my bad knee was very limiting as there are stairs and inclines everywhere. Moreover, it started to affect my mental health as I began to associate going outside with pain.
The nunee has helped change all that. I began training with my nunee and the results have been night and day. With the nunee, I can train on tackling inclines and stairs without fear of further damaging my knee or getting that intense, internal (often delayed) knee pain that everyone with pps knows and dreads. My leg muscles, which had atrophied during years of non-use during my healing, have slowly began to recover and I can now walk on inclines and go upstairs without my nunee.
The nunee worked instantaneously for me. As soon as I put it on, I was able to squat and use an elliptical with absolutely no pain. Tougher things, like going downstairs, the nunee took away the pain associated with pps, but, because my muscles were so weak, I still felt pain at the front of my knee because my quads and hamstrings could no longer support my weight. This is getting better everyday with training.
I recommend nunee to everyone with pps.

Immediate relief

I was having knee pain going up and down stairs at work and while playing volleyball. Every jump was painful.
I put on the NuNee and experienced immediate relief. I was pain free on the stairs and tolerated 2+ hours of beach volleyball. I would suggest using the larger endurance patch for sports to make sure it stays on, especially if you're sweating. I was amazed at the immediate relief and I will continue to use it! I highly recommend it.

Thank you so much for your review Ken. We always love hearing from our newest NuNee users. A little patellar distraction does wonders for anterior knee pain relief. Enjoy beach volleyball!

My review of the NuNee Training Kit v2.0

About me: I'm a 5'9", ~200lbs, 52-year-old male who does CrossFit 4-5 times a week. Besides Crossfit, My other active pursuit is hiking and backpacking, which is seasonal.

Knee history: My right knee began to hurt a few months ago, at which time I was doing CrossFit 5x per week and going as hard and heavy as I could. My knee continued to gradually worsen until I went to a sports medicine doctor. An x-ray and an MRI later, it was determined that I have a partially torn medial meniscus, patellar tendonitis (above the knee) and minor osteoarthritis. Surgery is not deemed necessary or beneficial. Instead, I have reduced my CrossFit to 4x per week and avoid any deep squat movements or movements that involve a jumping-type impact (e.g. box jumps) and take joint supplements.

Conclusion: I would recommend the NuNee for running and other sports activities that don't require the knee to come in contact with the ground, equipment or other players. It shines when the knee is often in or passing through extension. And the large tape patches work particularly well for average-to-large knees. It's well built and won't break if used for contact activities, though parts may shift out of place or detach. Although I might not recommend it for CrossFit, I could certainly see Crossfitters using it for workouts for which it's well suited, or even popping the brace strap off ahead of WODs for which it's not well suited, then quickly reattaching it when done.

NuNee is amazing!

After years of knee pain while exercising I decided to give the newest version of it a try. Last week I used the elliptical on a fat burning level and experienced a lot of pain just 10 minutes in. A few days later I used NuNee on my knee and it was an amazing experience. I was able to exercise at a very high level of tension and easily finished with no pain! I highly recommend this product. I consider it life changing as far as exercising is concerned. I plan to increase my level of exercise to a new level which I would not be able to do without it. Please give NuNee a try! It won't disappoint!

Thank you so much for such an awesome review Marcia. It will never get old hearing how NuNee has helped people like you return to the activities and exercise levels they enjoy. Stay active and healthy! ~mike

Incredible Product

I’ve been using the NuNee since 2019. I was having knee pain before my first marathon. Prior to buying NuNee I spoke with Mije, the owner of NuNee, who took the time to explain the mechanics and benefits if the product. I used NuNee and did not have knee issues during the marathon. I’ve been using NuNee since and have avoided surgery while continuing my long distance running. I recommend NuNee to anyone experiencing patella related pain. NuNee is a great product and the company cares about it’s customers and they provide wxcellent customer service.

I recall our conversation Louie. So happy to hear that NuNee has helped in so many ways. No pain, no surgery, and a marathon finish to top it off. Congratulations! Stay active and healthy! ~Mike

Sad to say it didn't work for me

Adhesive worked extremely well, but the band going around my knee was too small to make the product work properly. so it was retuned

Hi Timothy. Sorry to hear your NuNee didn't fit. If interested we can provide a larger size. Please email for assistance with placing another order. Our mission is to help all customers get relief from chronic anterior knee pain. ~mike

Physical Therapist Perspective

As a physical therapist, I was initially skeptical about the efficacy of the brace, but after putting it on a patient who has suffered chronic knee pain for many years I became a believer. My patient is an avid walker and golfer who was always limited by soreness and stiffness in the knee. The first time he put the brace on the soreness he was experiencing was completely eliminated, we could not believe it! He continues to wear it during walks and reports decreased pain while not wearing the brace as well! This truly has been a game changer for my patient and my practice.

Highly recommended! Great product!

Yes indeed Dominic! Thank you for your thoughtful review. Relieving pressure on the patella is the key to getting relief and the ability to rehab and heal with NuNee.

NuNee 2.0

Love the NuNee! I found this to be a major upgrade from the previous version – more sturdy and needing less adjustment with exercise. I have tried lots of braces for my anterior knee pain and this is the only one that was helpful. I would not say my relief was immediate, but with continued use I found it more and more helpful. I’m so glad I found this brace.

Thank you for your thoughtful review Sarah. We're super happy to hear that NuNee has helped you. NuNee's unique ability to relieve pressure on the patella is the key to getting relief and the ability to rehab and heal. Welcome to the NuNee family!

The best brace for PFPS , runnners knee

This brace is a life saver. The 2.0 version is much better and more robust. The main advantages of this brace are two.
1. It increases the gap between knee cap and the femur, thereby returning it to natural state and no pain

2. When using this brace u can do much more therapy and sports which will greatly help in building back the support muscles for pfps . ( hip and thigh muscles)

I have tried many braces and none of them worked except the Nunee.

Welcome to the NuNee family Abhi! And thank you for your thoughtful review. NuNee's unique ability to relieve pressure on the patella is the key to getting pain relief that accelerates your ability to rehab and heal.

Difficult patellar instability due to infection/debridement.

NuNee was the only patellar brace that offered the patient comfort and improved arthrokinematics allowing her to walk without fear of the knee giving way.

Thank you Raymond. It's always great to hear how NuNee has helped with the rehab of patients dealing with patellofemoral knee pain.

Same old

Very easy to use, just doesn’t provide any relief. Doesn’t hurt worse either though, so not much good or bad, just kind of similar to not wearing anything

Stays on for hours

I'm an Ironman triathlete and the small patches work great for shorter training sessions. When my plan call for hours of training, the larger patches stay in place and I can rely on NuNee to continue training pain free.

Big Improvement

I've suffered from a bad case of Runner's Knee for 5 months after an intense hiking trip over the summer. I have not been able to so much as walk 50 feet without pain since then. Went to an ortho, did all the exercises, etc. Nothing worked. With my NuNee, I've noticed a big improvement. I walked 3 miles yesterday with no pain, and I've been using the elliptical 15 minutes a day. I haven't done any squats or lunges yet in fear of it setting me back but I'll try soon.

I was curious if the NuNee would only relieve symptoms while wearing it, and then go right back to the same level of pain when it's off, OR if it could somehow promote healing and produce a net improvement overall. It seems to be the latter for me.

When I'm wearing the NuNee, it feels slightly strange, like my kneecap isn't exactly in place. It's not painful, though, so I'll take it!

I'm very pleased with the NuNee company as well. I noticed that the patch in the center of the tubing wasn't exactly in the center. NuNee sent a new one, with complimentary replacement patches, right away.

Hi Alyssa. Thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful feedback. So happy to hear you're getting the relief you were seeking with NuNee. We try very hard to insure that every member of the NuNee family is treated, well, like family. Enjoy your NuNee. Happy Holidays! ~Mike

Resilient and good fit

The patches fit my knees just right under the brace and actually stayed on for three straight days running a 5k each time and showering in between before I peeled them off

Work great - have improved over time - apply when dry!

(Sep 2019) I've been using NuNee for several years now and the patches have improved over time - specifically the adhesive seems to last longer (with proper application) and if feels as if the fabric has more stretch and breathability than earlier versions. I can easily wear for 3 days without any discomfort or skin irritation. Only caveat is to make sure to apply when skin is 100% dry and at least 30-90 minutes before going out for a run and sweating otherwise you'll lessen the number of days you can get out of one patch. Oh, and shaving your knees if necessary also helps with adhesion (and removal) !

Continues to work to help with knee pain.

I have been using the NuNee for a couple of years. Works to eliminate my knee pain. I run 3 to 4 miles at a time. Used to not be able to go up or down stairs after a short run. Now I can and look forward to my runs once again. This product has worked for me.

Thank you Jay. It never gets old hearing from all those that NuNee has helped. I'm happy to hear you've been able to enjoy running without post run knee pain ~mike

Great support for recovery

I've used NuNee on four or five runs now, since I started suffering from runner's knee, and it's a great tool for supporting my knee as I rehab it and work toward progressing from walk/run back to running long distances again. This is saving not only my physical athleticism but my sanity, since I wasn't able to run without it. Thanks, NuNee!

Not working for me

The concept is great, the design needs a lot of improvement.
I tried the NuNee on 5 different occasions for workouts ranging from a lower body workout with dead lifts, squats lunges to 3 mile outdoor runs and on the stair master.
I felt that the brace did provide relief, which was really great. The idea of lifting the knee cap from the knee seems to work, but after about 5 minutes the adhesive patch would always peel away (I shave my knee cap as recommended) and the brace never stayed in place.
The strips need a much better adhesive and the brace design is clumsy and generic.
I would like to return the device

Hi Jacob. Thank you for your detailed feedback. It sounds like your getting relief with NuNee but the patch is not holding for you. Our goal is to help you get long term and reliable relief. I would like you to try our new large 'endurance' patches. They will perform better when doing deep lunges and squats. We're here to support more than just knees. We want to help you get the relief you're seeking. ~mike

Nu nee

Been having good experiences with the product

Interesting concept -5 uses

The key is to put the sticky pad on the patella right the first time since it loses its stick if you try a second time. Once you have everything on right, it’s not cumbersome. Have some comfortable runs with the unit. Seems to give me noticeable support going down the stairs with my affected knee. Took more runs to make a final determination. Bought extra pads after the first trial. A monthly subscription would make sense if it works for you.

It broke

We thought that it definitely helped but it broke today when my husband put it on. He sent yiua contact email and we can send a photo. His name is rob [****]
Thank you

Thank you for your feedback Theresa. We're very happy to hear that NuNee has helped relieve your husband's knee pain. We have expedited the shipment of a replacement so he can resume activity without pain. Enjoy your NuNee!