How to Wear NuNee

When properly fitted and engaged, NuNee has provided significant and immediate relief to many that have been suffering from the chronic symptoms of Runner's Knee (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome).

Here are some instructions on how to wear NuNee correctly to ensure you get the best result.


Step 1: Adhere the Knee Patch

While standing with your knee slightly bent, place the NuNee patch directly on the middle of your knee cap. Patches are single use and should be removed and replaced after each training or rehab session.

Tip: If you have hairy knees, we recommend shaving your knee cap when using the patches. If you don’t, the tape will do it for you 😊. It’s much less painful and the tape will adhere better if you shave the knee cap before your first use. If you have oily skin and are worried about the patches ability to stick to your skin, consider using an alcohol wipe prior to application.

Step 2: Secure the Knee Wrap

Take the knee wrap and wrap it around your knee so that your knee cap (and patch) are centered and visible through the opening in the wrap. The knee wrap should fit snug but should not be so tight that it restricts blood flow or movement. A proper fitting knee wrap should be comfortable and allow a full range of motion without rubbing or chafing.

Tip: Limit your first 3-4 uses of the knee wrap to 30 minutes. By the fifth time you are using the wrap, you should barely notice it on.

Step 3: Engage the NuNee Brace

Take the two ends of the NuNee brace and secure them to the Velcro sides of the wrap, leaving approximately 1 inch between the knee cap and the center piece of the brace. Next, push the center of the brace down to secure it to the Velcro circle on the knee patch. When properly attached, NuNee should place a gentle outward pull on your knee cap, though you may not feel the pull itself. Now that you have your NuNee on, try doing some of the things that caused you pain. You should feel NuNee working its subtle magic to take that pain away!

Tip: If you are still feeling pain when you move, try readjusting NuNee to ensure the middle of the brace sits concave to the sides when you look down at your knee from a standing position. If readjustment does not work, contact us for tips, or consult your doctor.


Tips on Apparel

When using NuNee, you must be able to attach the device to the patch on your knee cap without interfering with its ability to pull outward. That's why we recommend NuNee be worn with shorts or pants with loose fitting legs.

If you prefer to wear leggings, NuNee can be worn if you cut a hole in the knee cap of the leggings. Of course, it's best not to try this with your new, expensive pair!

If you are wearing NuNee properly, we are confident it can help relieve your Runner's Knee pain as it has many others.