3 Reasons NuNee Can Provide Immediate Relief From Runner’s Knee Pain

3 Reasons NuNee Can Provide Immediate Relief From Runner’s Knee Pain

by NuNee by Kneesio May 23, 2018

Runner’s Knee is usually caused by your kneecap rubbing against the lower end of your thighbone instead of gliding smoothly over it. That friction damages the cartilage beneath your kneecap, in some cases wearing it all the way down to the bone and leading to osteoarthritis.

1. NuNee supports the patella (knee cap)

With Runner’s Knee it’s your patella that needs support and help with alignment. Think of NuNee as a patella support rather than a knee support. In a healthy knee the patella glides freely. When it is unable to glide freely, excessive pressure and rubbing leads to inflammation and pain. NuNee helps your patella glide freely once again. No other support puts your patella back into a healthy position the way NuNee can.

2. NuNee helps relieve the pressure on the patella

To relieve the pain associated with Runner’s Knee you must relieve the pressure on the underside of the patella. NuNee relieves pressure by placing a gentle lift on the patella. Avoid compression-based knee supports that can add pressure.

3. NuNee helps restore space on the underside of the patella

A healthy knee has space between the patella (knee cap) and the femur (thigh bone) that allows your knee cap to glide freely during flexion. Synovial fluid fills that space and acts as a lubricant, much like engine oil in your car. Without adequate space the natural lubrication process cannot occur.

NuNee by Kneesio
NuNee by Kneesio


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